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Eliminating Threats with KnowBe4: PhishER

Updated: Mar 23

What is your email incident response plan? Pinpoint and respond to reported email threats quickly and easily with PhishER by KnowBe4.

PhishER is an easy to use Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform that automates your threat response, manages malicious email messages, and helps your security teams respond to the most dangerous threats fast. PhishER helps your security teams minimize a large volume of email threats at one time.

How does PhishER work?

Automatic Message Prioritization

PhishER organizes and prioritizes your messages into three categories: Clean, Spam, and Threat, allowing your team to be hands-free throughout this process based on rules you’ve set.

Emergency Rooms

Emergency Rooms consist of pre-filtered views of your messages that are dynamically grouped by commonalities. Each room allows you to drill down into filtered inbox views of the messages and take action across all associated messages at the same time.

SIEM Integrations

PhishER integrates into your organization by pushing data into popular Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms such as Splunk and QRadar. With support for multiple syslog destinations available it’s also possible to push data into as many other systems as you like.


PhishML identifies suspicious messages that are reported by your users and assesses them for you. You will be given info on how to make your prioritization process easier, faster, and more accurate. This learning model is constantly improving its accuracy over time.


Integrating Microsoft 365 and G Suite, PhishRIP is an email quarantine feature that helps you remove and protect your organization against email threats to cease potential attacks fast.


Flip a dangerous attack on your organization into an instant real-world training opportunity for your users with PhishFlip.

User-reported messages need some level of analysis to prioritize. The way to go for a simple and effective way to mitigate these messages and remove the suspicious messages sitting in your users’ mailboxes is by using PhishER. This product is available as a stand-alone or as an add-on option for KnowBe4 customers.

Interested in a live demo of PhishER? Click here.

Hope your week is a good one,

Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing

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