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Testing Security Awareness with KnowBe4

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Testing Security Awareness with KnowBe4

Phishing attacks are becoming more common and more elaborate as technology advances in an increasingly online world. What are your best defenses against these attacks? Knowing the signs and practicing safe online etiquette is the key to ensuring your organization’s information is secure. KnowBe4 offers security awareness courses designed to test an organization's ability to behave safely and securely while working in an online environment. Let’s check out a few!


Weak Password Test

There are ten types of weak password related threats. You can use KnowBe4's Weak Password test to see how effective your organization’s password policies are. Don’t worry! No passwords from your accounts will be revealed and the test will report on accounts that are affected.

Email Exposure Check

Email addresses and identities of your organization can be sought out on the internet by cybercriminals. Once they have this information, they are one step closer to launching an attack via spear phishing or social engineering.

KnowBe4's Email Exposure Check will identify which users are most at-risk for these attacks based on their email exposure. This check will first search through the Internet to seek out any compromised emails or employee information, then search whether users have had their account information exposed in thousands of breaches in the past. If passwords have been breached before on other online accounts, hackers may have what they need to access your organization!

Afterwards, you’ll receive a summary report PDF of exposed emails and associated risk levels, allowing you to take appropriate actions to protect the safety of your organization.

Phishing Reply Test

”91% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack.” - KnowBe4

By using KnowBe4's Phishing Reply test, you can find out what percentage of your employees are Phish-prone. See which red flags your users will fall for and guide them to the landing page of your choice. You’ll receive a PDF the next day with charts explaining the results.

Wondering how your organization would respond to a phishing email? Try it out here for free.


At LogicWing, we help our customers recognize the gaps in their security and offer solutions through trusted partners. To learn more about KnowBe4 or our other services, such as migrations, consulting, and Google Workspace Managed Services, schedule a free consultation with us.


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