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The posts below explain the most important Google Workspace updates and showcase useful resources for your organization.

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Google Workspace for Education Admin Console Videos

Dec 17, 2021

As an administrator using Google Workspace for Education, the Admin Console is where you spend a lot of your time managing and monitoring user's accounts and making sure their data is being protected.  

Recently, Google made a demo video series of how to use some of the main and most useful features in the Admin Console. Most of the nine videos are less than 5 minutes long and cover the following topics:

Please note that all of these videos are about features...

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How to Create Google Doc Templates & Why You Should Be Using Them

Dec 03, 2021

Hello everyone! I wanted to highlight a feature you may find useful - Google Doc Templates. 

When you are creating a new Google Doc in Google Drive, you will see that there is an arrow ">" that you can click on, where it will give you the option to create a Doc from a template.

You will see that there are arrows next to Sheets, Slides, and Forms, as well. That is because you can choose from templates for those types of files too. 

However, in this post, I'll be focusing on Google Docs templates specifically. 

When you click on "from a template" to create a Doc, you will see templates you can choose from, grouped into categories. If you are using Google Workspace for Education, Business, or Nonprofit, you'll see custom templates created by your organization show up first, and you'll need to click on "General" to see Google's templates.

If you are using a personal Google account, you won't be able to create custom templates, so you will just see...

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Moving from Classic to New Google Sites

Nov 26, 2021

Starting on June 1, 2022, you will no longer be able to edit your classic Google Sites. This is because Google is converting everyone over to new Google Sites. Previously, Google had announced that this change would take place on December 1, 2021.

New Google Sites gives you more site tiles to choose from, allows you to add a Cloud Search box to your website, and automatically adapts your website to be mobile-friendly. 

Here is the timeline of events:

June 1, 2022: You cannot edit classic Google Sites anymore

June 31, 2022: Existing classic Sites need to be migrated to new Sites by today

July 1, 2022: Remaining classic Google Sites will no longer be viewable

Before you panic, Google is not deleting your classic Google Sites on July 1, 2022. If you don't migrate your classic Sites to new Sites by July 1, Google will download your classic Sites as an archive and save it to the site owner's Google Drive. Google will also draft a new Site of your...

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Happy To Announce: We are now members of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce!

Nov 22, 2021

We’re so excited to be a part of the Sarasota, FL Chamber of Commerce. As new members, we have been welcomed with open arms and are happy to serve the schools and businesses in our new community.

Although LogicWing is new to Florida, I have had family in the Sarasota area for a long time. My sister is a teacher here, her children grew up in the FL school system, and my niece is a realtor in Venice. Through them we have been introduced to many local businesses and people who have shared what makes them excited about the place they call home. 

We have been a Florida business since 2014, but have only been able to call Sarasota our home since early 2021. While we will continue to do work all around the country, we genuinely look forward to working with our fellow community and trustee members and being a part of their EdTech and IT solution. 

Thank you to the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce for the warm welcome!

Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing

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How to Create and Use Google Contacts

Nov 19, 2021

What are Google Contacts & Labels

If you’ve never really used Google Contacts, you might think that every time you email someone new from your email account, all those people are being collected into your Google Contacts and that’s why you can start typing someone’s email address in a new message and Google will suggest emails that you’ve contacted before. However, those people are likely not in your Google Contacts. 

You have to deliberately add people to your Google Contacts list. 

The reason you would do this is to group the contacts. Grouping contacts under a label allows you to easily email a large group of people without having to individually type out each person’s email address into the “To:” line. 

You may already be familiar with emailing people like this, since organizations will usually send “All Staff” emails that go to everyone in the organization. Instead of an unlucky assistant having...

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G Suite Resources for Parents and Students

Nov 12, 2021
If you've been using G Suite products in your classroom this year, I wanted to highlight some very specific resources that I think your teachers, staff, students, and families will love.
The first is an Google Junior Training Seriesa collection of 70+ one - one and a half minute videos to help students take care of their Chromebook, collaborate and email peers, manage multiple profiles and more! 
The second is a Family Toolkit. This Family Toolkit one-pager can be shared with your parents during school information nights to keep them informed about your students' hybrid learning environment. 
The third is a series of one-page resources that Google has created which may be helpful for you. Here are the ones for Accessibility, Assignments (for those of you using an LMS like Schoology or Canvas), and Google Meet updates and additional information about G Suite Enterprise for Education.
If you want to stay up-to-date...
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Halloween Activities for the Classroom

Oct 25, 2021
Hi everyone!
I wanted to take a minute and share some fun Halloween activities in case you are celebrating this week with your students. Encourage letter writing, speaking, creating sentences and even poetry with the following activities:
  1. Drag and Drop Poetry from Eric Curts - have students creating fun statements about how to stay safe and protect their privacy!
  2. Build a digital Jack-o-Lantern and have students add audio to creatively warn others about appropriate use! (Use this for Thanksgiving too.)
  3. Write a story about Halloween with emojis! Template here
  4. How to locate and make a Halloween Buncee activity for students (log into Buncee)
  5. History of Halloween in Nearpod EL library (log into Nearpod) (Building background knowledge activity)
  6. History of Halloween - Flocabulary lesson (log into Flocabulary)
At home we were even able to create this spooky creature from garbage bags, crumpled paper, some pipe wrappers ($5 at Lowes) and ping pong...
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Be Insanely Curious

Oct 19, 2021

I recently did an interview with Edutainment Learning and talked to students about my career in EdTech. I actually wasn’t sure exactly what I would be sharing when the interview started but I did manage to get my journey down at a high level. Those of you who know me -- the me before education, the me before graduating college -- know that at different parts of my life I wanted to be… A LOT OF THINGS. At one point in my life I actually thought I was done with what I was going to be but of course, that was not the case (thank goodness). 

Those of us insanely curious folks understand that our learning journey never ends -- the end of an era (or a career) just signals the beginning of a new place to explore, a new person to meet or a new career opportunity.  

As students eagerly asked for general career advice, I shared that being curious can lead you to better opportunities and a more fulfilling life. As such, what one person defines as success in life may...

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8 Google Workspace Tips for The Office

Oct 08, 2021


1. Undo a Sent Message

Sent an email to a client too fast and misspelled their name? Enable the undo button in Gmail to give you 30 seconds to undo a message being sent. Everytime you send an email, a little notification will appear for 30 seconds asking if you want to undo the message. 

2. Search All of Google Workspace

Need to find that important file your boss sent to you a few days ago and you can’t remember if it’s in your email or a shared drive? Use Cloud Search to search through all your Google Workspace interactions with a specific person. 

3. Include Attachments on Events

When you schedule a meeting, you can attach important documents to the calendar for that event, like the agenda and a Sheet you wanted to review at the meeting. By attaching the documents to the meeting itself, no one is searching for the documents they need from an email sent two weeks ago, it’s all ready for them when they click on the meeting link.

4. Use Shared...

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7 Google Workspace Tips for Educators

Oct 08, 2021

1. Undo a Sent Message

Sent an email to a parent too fast and misspelled their name or (even worse) their child’s name? Enable the undo button in Gmail to give you 30 seconds to undo a message being sent. Every time you send an email, a little notification will appear for 30 seconds asking if you want to undo the message. 

2. Search All of Google Workspace

Need to find that great video link your co-worker sent to you for your students, but you can’t remember if she sent it to you by email or through Chat? Use Cloud Search to search through all your Google Workspace interactions with a specific person. 

3. Include Attachments on Events

Whether you’re scheduling an event with co-workers or students, make sure that having the relevant meeting documents is so easy for them that they can’t not be prepared by attaching the documents to the meeting event itself.

4. Create a Bookable Appointment Slot

Whether you’re scheduling parent-teacher...

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