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Make Auditing Easy With KnowBe4’s Compliance Manager

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What is KnowBe4 Compliance Manager?

KnowBe4’s Compliance Manager: Governance, Risk, and Compliance (KCM GRC) is a SaaS-based GRC platform that is both affordable and easy to use. With an easy-to-use interface and easy-to-understand workflows, you can manage risk and compliance in your organization with KnowBe4 with no issues.

With KCM GRC, you’ll find modules under the umbrellas of Compliance, Risk, Policy and Vendor Risk Management. KCM was developed to save you the maximum amount of time getting GRC done.

  • Vet, manage and monitor your third-party vendors' security risk requirements.

  • Simplify risk management with an intuitive interface and simple workflow based on the well-recognized NIST 800-30.

  • Quick implementation with pre-built requirements templates for the most widely used regulations.

  • Secure evidence repository and DocuLinks giving you two ways of maintaining audit evidence and documentation.

  • Dashboards with automated reminders to quickly see what tasks have been completed, not met, or are past due.

And it’s as simple as that! Having automation to manage multiple regulations and frameworks at once saves you time (more than you know!) Using Vendor Assessment Templates, you can ensure standard and consistent vendor assessments with pre-built and customizable questionnaire templates. From simplified risk management workflow to centralized policy distribution and Tracking, KCM GRC has what you need to achieve successful audits in no time.

See how you can simplify the challenges of managing your compliance requirements across your organization and ease your burden when it's time for audits. Get a live demo of KnowBe4’s KCM GRC Platform to get your audits done in half the time at half the cost.


At LogicWing, we help our customers recognize the gaps in their security and offer solutions through trusted partners. To learn more about KnowBe4 or our other services, such as migrations, consulting, and Google Workspace Managed Services, schedule a free consultation with us.


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