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The Soft Skills Enhanced by Technology

Updated: Mar 23

In our recent newsletter, we shared important information about EdTech’s widespread impact on student success. I want to highlight the takeaway that stood out to me –

It’s not just teaching the tech they’ll use in the workplace, soft skills are enhanced by technology.

  • Collaboration and leadership skills grow as students work on more complex group projects outside of the classroom.

  • The ease of researching, creating, and presenting enhances direct communication skills as well as online communication, as students learn to present via video

  • The ability to adapt as technology challenges arise, which students have gained from years of remote schoolwork, is vital to the workplace.

  • Technology encourages students to pursue the full extent of their creativity. Creating projects that include various types of multimedia stretches children outside of their comfort zone -- transcribing audio recordings of first person sources or analyzing artwork in real time using online sources -- these are experiences that children wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to in brick and mortar classroom settings. Making space for creativity = Innovative ideas at work.

  • Teacher feedback may happen more often in online environments as work often happens at various times of the day and is graded at various times too. When assignments are completed online, peers can more easily provide feedback as well. Creating an environment where feedback is seen as helpful and informative, not negative, is an important norm to establish in a hybrid environment and allows for critical thinking opportunities as students analyze each other’s work. Not only can this promote a feeling of teamwork as students help each other get better, but learning to learn from each other makes for a more collaborative, successful, and maybe even kinder workforce. Doesn’t get better than that. ;)

Yes, using Adobe, Google Workspace, and Microsoft tools at school will help students be familiar with the programs they’ll use if they work in an office job, but the soft skills they develop from using the tools every day will help every student, no matter their career, as those skills last a lifetime.

Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing


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