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Digital Tools for Speaking and Writing

Three young students working together on a laptop in a classroom

Students need to be able to understand language and become fluent in reading, writing and speaking. To do this, first you focus on tools to improve fluency, fluidity and reading comprehension.

Tools for Fluency and Fluidity

Use a combination of audio tools. The most basic and easiest to access tools are any of your audio recorders on your PC, Mac, Chromebook or other mobile device. You can also use the free Audacity software or use a web-based tool like Vocaroo or Online Voice Recorder.

Tools for Reading, Writing, and Reading Comprehension

  • Digital Storytelling - Research, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity

  • Voicethread

  • StoryBird

  • Nature Magnetic Kit

  • PicLits

  • Prezi

Tools to Improve Communication and Writing

  • Grammarly

  • Quill

  • Google Docs/Word

  • Answer Garden

  • Verso

  • Edublogs

Tools to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

  • Visual Ranking Tool

  • SMART Learning Suite

  • Tagxedo and Wordle

  • Blogger, Google Docs and Google Sites

  • Bing Search, Google Scholar and MFST/Google Forms

Tools to Improve Research and Information Fluency Skills

  • Khan Academy

  • Google Sheets or Excel

  • Prezi



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