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7 Google Workspace Tips for Educators

Teacher helping a student in a computer lab

1. Undo a Sent Message

Sent an email to a parent too fast and misspelled their name or (even worse) their child’s name? Enable the undo button in Gmail to give you 30 seconds to undo a message being sent. Every time you send an email, a little notification will appear for 30 seconds asking if you want to undo the message.

2. Search All of Google Workspace

Need to find that great video link your co-worker sent to you for your students, but you can’t remember if she sent it to you by email or through Chat? Use Cloud Search to search through all your Google Workspace interactions with a specific person.

3. Include Attachments on Events

Whether you’re scheduling an event with co-workers or students, make sure that having the relevant meeting documents is so easy for them that they can’t not be prepared by attaching the documents to the meeting event itself.

4. Create a Bookable Appointment Slot

Whether you’re scheduling parent-teacher conferences or after-hours homework help, using Calendar to create bookable appointment slots is going to be really helpful. Create a new calendar for your appointment slots, select blocks of free time in your calendar for the appointments, and set how long the appointment should be. Then share the calendar with parents or students, so they can select their time slots with you. No more back and forth emails scheduling time manually and no more accidentally double-booking yourself.

5. See Changes Made to Docs, Sheets, and Slides

As an educator, it can sometimes be hard to tell if a group project assigned to students has all of the students participating equally, especially if it’s an outside of class or remote assignment. But by looking at the revision history of the document (which your students may not even be aware you can see), you can tell if there was an imbalance in who worked on the project the most or who did their work the night before.

6. Create Quizzes with Forms

Utilize Forms to create quizzes and assignments for your students. With Forms, you can ask any kind of question you want (multiple choice, check box, write-in, etc.) and make questions required. Then, when you want to grade the student’s answers, all the form responses are displayed in an organized Sheet. It’s easy for both you and your students to use, and you don’t have to waste any paper either.

7. Access Your Files on Any Device

Review your files on the go when you download the Google Drive app on your phone. And by downloading the accompanying Doc, Sheets, and Slides apps, you can edit your files while you’re waiting for the train or your kid’s sports game to start. You never know when you’re going to have a great idea and want to add it to what you’re working on, so make sure it’s as easy as possible for you to do so.


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