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Upgraded Gmail Interface: New Features and a Seamless Workspace

Updated: Feb 16

Open laptop with Gmail opening up on the window

Gmail's interface has changed a lot over the last year and with it we've gotten a bunch of new features that make working within Gmail a lot easier, especially as other Google apps integrate seamlessly now.

Gmail's Upgraded Interface

Underneath the Chat section on the left-hand sidebar, you’ll see sections called Spaces and Meet. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a side panel that allows you to view your calendar and create new Keep notes and Tasks without having to open up a new tab. When Google redesigned Gmail, they wanted you to be able to access all the different Google apps within your Gmail window.

This is what Gmail looks like with all the latest updates (without the bar for Salesforce on the right side, which is an add on we have and highly recommend if you use Salesforce):

Screenshot of Gmail's upgrades interface with different side panels

One of the more noticeable Gmail changes you'll see is that there is a smaller section of the window devoted to emails than before. You’ll still see the subject line in full, but the preview message line will be shorter. This is to make room for the new left-hand side panel. The new left-hand side panel allows you to switch between your Gmail inbox, Chat, Spaces and Meet.

The old left-hand side panel is pushed inward by the new side panel and will only have the “Compose” button, the different inbox categories like “Starred” and “Sent”, and Labels. If you like using Labels (which we encourage you to try using if you haven’t before), you’ll probably like this new Gmail interface because it gives Labels the space they need to be seen and used regularly. By pressing the three lines in the top left-hand corner, the column with “Compose” disappears and the space for your emails expands.

As you hover over the “Mail”, “Chat”, and “Spaces” icons on the left-hand side, a pop-up will appear indicating details to quickly navigate those apps. Note that the pop-up does not appear when you hover over the app you are currently clicked into. For example, if you are in the “Mail” app, looking at your emails, you do not see a pop-up when you hover over the “Mail” icon. If you click on the “Chat” icon, then hover over the “Mail” icon, you will see the pop-up for Mail appear.

New Gmail Features

At the same time as changing the Gmail interface, Google also made it so that when you search through your email, the email search bar will also search through Chat and Spaces messages. Please see the images below of what this will look like, with a section for searching through your email and a section for searching through Chat and Spaces messages that you can toggle between.

Screenshot of the Gmail search feature where you can search through your emails

Screenshot of the Gmail search feature where you can search through your Chat and Spaces messages

Overall, we think this Gmail interface is an upgrade from the previous one and we find that we can work more efficiently to schedule meetings, write tasks, locate documents, and chat with colleagues throughout the work day.


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