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The Cycle of Information in the Digital Age

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New times call for new ways of thinking. Information that used to be passed down generation to generation was now being passed down and mixed up and passed down again. Sometimes that content kept its original meaning and sometimes, like a game of telephone, that content took form very differently than intended. Now more than ever we need to be more aware of the cycle of information.

Digital information, that gets passed around very quickly, needs to be constantly questioned, vetted and shared.

There's never been a more important time to teach our children to be critical thinkers. The world is only going to get more complicated. The information? Well. It's going to get more intense.


In this age of easily accessible (but not always correct) information, it can be hard to keep students focused. Maybe you've added new technology to your school or you're thinking about doing so, but you're worried about the added complexity of managing it so that students stay focused and safe online.

At LogicWing, we provide guidance on the technology that fits your school's needs, licensing for recommended products to manage your tech, and managed services to take care of the increased admin work you'll need to prepare for. Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more about how we can help you.



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