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Save Gmail Photos Directly to Google Photos

Updated: Mar 23

Good news! When someone sends you a JPEG image through Gmail, you will now be able to save that image to Google Photos. Previously, you had to download the images and then manually upload them to Google Photos. At this time, this will only work with JPEG images.

The feature is shown below, with our very own, "Jeannie", who didn't mind being our model.

You’ll find the new “Save to Photos” button next to the “Download” and “Add to Drive” buttons when you hover over or click on the attachment.

And since organization skills are something that many of us need to work on, saving straight to Google Photos makes it easier for me to find the images I need when I need them. Google Photos is especially useful if I want to edit photos and share albums with others like those I create when I’m on trips, attending parties, playing sports, or participating in celebratory end of year events. Is it summer yet?!

Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing

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