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Happy To Announce: We are now members of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce!

A Bitmoji of LogicWing's Blanca Duarte waving next to the outline of Florida

We’re so excited to be a part of the Sarasota, FL Chamber of Commerce. As new members, we have been welcomed with open arms and are happy to serve the schools and businesses in our new community.

Although LogicWing is new to Florida, I have had family in the Sarasota area for a long time. My sister is a teacher here, her children grew up in the FL school system, and my niece is a realtor in Venice. Through them we have been introduced to many local businesses and people who have shared what makes them excited about the place they call home.

We have been a Florida business since 2014, but have only been able to call Sarasota our home since early 2021. While we will continue to do work all around the country, we genuinely look forward to working with our fellow community and trustee members and being a part of their EdTech and IT solution.

Thank you to the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce for the warm welcome!

- Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing


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