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Get to Know Your Google Workspace Contacts

Updated: Mar 23

Did you know that you can see how connected you are to your Workspace contacts? If you’ve ever sent or received an email from your co-worker, you may have noticed that if you hover over their name, a picture of them will appear, along with their email, a phone number, and maybe if they’re out of office. Now you will see all of that information and more by clicking on the “More info” button (as seen below).

The “More info” button will let you see your co-worker’s title, how their position relates to the chain of command in the organization, and your most recent interactions with them, like emails and meetings. If your co-worker chooses to disclose more information, you may also be able to see their previous work history, education, and volunteer activities.

This feature is especially helpful for new employees or those who work in fully remote jobs, because we all know it takes a while to get to know everyone and their titles. Seeing things like where your co-worker is from or where they went to school can also help you get to know them better and help you build relationships.

If you didn’t already know about this feature, I encourage you to update your profile so that your co-workers can get to know you better. I just updated mine!

Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing

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