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ChromeOS Flex for Schools

Middle school students working at computers in a science class

Another new calendar year, another budget season. Free up funds this year by converting older PCs and Macs to easily-managed Chrome devices for free!

ChromeOS Flex can be installed in minutes to extend the life of your current desktops and laptops. Like Chromebooks, devices running ChromeOS Flex can be managed with a Chrome Education Upgrade license, and receive continuous security and feature updates. It’s 100% free to install (view certified models) with a download from Google. Repurpose your computer hardware budget, and lower the TCO of your fleet.

Cost Analysis: How Much Money Will ChromeOS Flex Save Your school?

Here are some numbers to consider if you are thinking about using older Macs or Windows machines to run ChromeOS Flex in your schools:

Option A.

Your school would like to replace existing hardware with Chromebooks and only intends to use the FREE version of Google Workspace for Education - Fundamentals.

If you want to buy 1200 Chromebooks, at ~$450/Chromebook, it will cost you ~$540,000. The Chrome Education Upgrade license will cost you an additional ~$40. That’s ~$48,000.

Pro: You get the security of the ChromeOS operating system and a wide range of built-in accessibility features.

Con: You may have little to no money left over to purchase a paid edition of Google Workspace for Education if you find that you actually need higher levels of management, tools, and security.

Option B.

Your school’s existing hardware still works well but there are a number of Google Workspace for Education license features that teachers, parents, and your superintendent are asking about.

Using ChromeOS Flex, you upgrade your existing devices, purchase Chrome Education Upgrade for ~$40 a device equaling ~$48,000, and you purchase Google Workspace for Education Teaching and Learning licenses for 1200 students for $48/per student/per year equaling ~$57,600.

Pro: You instantly get the security of ChromeOS software on your existing hardware, and your teachers and students get access to more enhanced Google Workspace for Education features that include engagement tools in Google Meet, Classroom Add-ons and unlimited Originality reports.

Con: There really is no con. Because you save money using existing hardware, you can delay buying new devices. Then plan to set aside money in the budget in subsequent years to buy Chromebooks once your existing devices become obsolete.


If you’re interested in learning more about ChromeOS Flex, purchasing Chrome Education Upgrade, or Google Workspace for Education licenses, email us or schedule a free consultation call.

We also do migrations, offer consulting, and can help you manage your Google Workspace for Education and Business accounts with our Managed Services.


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