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ChromeOS Flex Software Extends Your Device Lifespan for FREE

Updated: Mar 23

With cybersecurity on the rise, Google has modified their ChromeOS operating system to work on PCs and Macbooks via ChromeOS Flex software. ChromeOS Flex is available to download onto the hardware you already have and it’s FREE. The process is simple: Download the software from Google’s website onto a USB drive, then download the software onto the PC or Mac that you’d like to upgrade. Test it out on a few computers first, then add it to your whole fleet.

With over 400 devices approved to work with ChromeOS Flex, you can save your organization money and set-up time by using the software with your existing hardware, extending its lifespan.

Extending the lifespan of devices is part of Google’s sustainability efforts to reduce e-waste. This is not only good for the planet but is a quick solution to updating security across all devices. Google has had multiple use-cases of the software being downloaded as a company was hacked, to quickly stop hackers from exploiting a vulnerability in their previous operating system. Although ChromeOS Flex can’t reverse an attack that’s already in progress, it can stop a hacker’s progression into the network.

Continuing to use out-of-date software in your organization risks the financial health of your organization, as hackers can exploit the same flaw in the software on as many organizations as they want, replicating the damage they cause without learning anything new. ChromeOS Flex can be your overnight fix between deciding what software you want to purchase next, to prevent putting your organization in danger. As an IT professional, this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night, and I tell all my clients to keep their software updated because cybersecurity attacks have only become more and more common.

If you were considering switching to Chrome devices in the future, you can test the software firsthand and familiarize staff with ChromeOS software before spending money on costly hardware.

If you enjoy using ChromeOS Flex, there’s an option to upgrade to a paid version - the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade - to receive even better security and device management capabilities.

Interested in ChromeOS Flex for your organization? Contact us.


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