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8 Ways to Use Google Workspace for Edu to Support Co-teaching

Updated: Feb 29

Young students working on assignments while a teacher helps them with their work

Co-teaching has become an increasingly popular instructional model, bringing together educators to provide a more inclusive and effective learning experience. Among the myriad tools available, Google Workspace for Education stands out as a versatile and collaborative platform. In this blog post, we'll explore eight effective ways to leverage Google Workspace for Education to support co-teaching in the classroom from both an instructional and administrative perspective.

Instructional Co-teaching Examples

  1. Use Google Classroom to assign different lessons to individual students (or groups)

  2. Use Google Classroom to deliver instructional support materials (i.e. Videos, rubrics, checklists, etc.)

  3. Use Google Docs comment feature to ask for feedback on questions related to the document

  4. Use Google Forms to provide tiered questions

Administrative Co-teaching Examples

  1. ​Use Google Docs to co-write lessons

  2. Use Google Drive or Team Drives to share lessons

  3. Use Google Forms to collect observational data (while walking around the room for example)

  4. Use Google Slides to co-create presentation materials


Google Workspace for Education provides a robust set of tools that can significantly enhance the co-teaching experience. These features empower educators to work together seamlessly, creating a more inclusive and engaging learning environment for all students. As technology continues to play a crucial role in education, leveraging platforms like Google Workspace becomes essential for fostering effective co-teaching practices.

Which of these tips have you used before? Which do you want to try? Leave us a comment below and share these tips with your co-workers in a beautiful print out!

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