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Time Management Tool for Your Meetings with TIM

Digital meeting timer with a 3 minute countdown clock

A Free Tool Created by Our Partner GAT Labs

Whether we're working at home or in the office, it can feel like we are in more meetings than we ever were prior to the pandemic. Pleasantries can extend to 10min in every meeting, then when you get to the discussion topic, someone derails the meeting by bringing up a side topic that is important but not always pertinent to the discussion. You find yourself wishing no one had anything to share just so you can get out of the meeting faster and back to doing your work so you don’t have to work past 5pm again.

Whether you’re an owner or employee, TIM - an Online Meetings Timer, may be the helpful tool you’ve been looking for to manage your meeting time better.

TIM is a free Chrome Extension that you can add to your Chrome browser to create a timer that times each section of the meeting. You can think of it like a timed agenda where you break down your meetings by who you expect to speak or by topic. And the timer isn’t just for the person running the meeting. As long as your colleagues have the Chrome Extension added, you can share the link to your timer in your regular meeting invite and they can open it with the meeting so they know what the expectations of the meeting are.

At LogicWing, we love the way it focuses the meeting and cuts down on meeting fatigue. And as we all know, a focused meeting is money saved.

To try out TIM, you can add it to your Chrome browser and watch the 3min video of how it works here.

Let us know in a comment below if you use it and how it works for your team!

In addition to TIM, GAT Labs sells licenses to help you with auditing, management, and security of your Google Workspace tools. If you'd like even more customized help, LogicWing provides Google Workspace Managed Services. Schedule a free consultation call with us to find out more about both products.


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