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Google Workspace Enterprise Starter, Standard, and Plus

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Upgrades and Additions to the Existing Google Workspace for Business Packages

As of January 16, 2022, Google has reorganized their existing Google Workspace for Business packages and created a new line of Business Enterprise packages. The previously existing packages (Business Starter, Standard, and Plus) have had additional features added to them, and the singular Enterprise package has been split into three packages - Enterprise Essentials, Standard, and Plus.

Enterprise packages are now also available for businesses of any size and there is no minimum or maximum number of users needed to purchase the packages. This is different from the Business packages (Business Starter, Standard, and Plus), which are only available to small businesses that need 300 or fewer user licenses.

Google has also created a new package called Google Workspace Frontline. The Frontline package is specifically designed for front-facing employees. Employees get the basic features they need - Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs, and Chat - and 2GB of cloud storage each. The storage is low since the features are intended to mainly be used on a mobile phone. There is no maximum or minimum number of users needed to purchase the package.


Which Google Workspace for Business Package is Right for You?

Business Starter, Standard, and Plus

These packages are for small businesses, as you can only purchase these packages if you are buying 300 or fewer user licenses.

Business Starter

Business Starter is the cheapest of all of the options at $6/user/month and has all the basic workspace features you need to run your business, including Meet, Chat, and Drive. It also includes a custom business email and 30GB of cloud storage per user.

Business Standard

If you have a lot of data (like files and emails) already and want to gain key insights into users’ activity to make structural changes, you should consider the Standard package. Business Standard offers a lot more cloud storage per user than Starter, allows you to easily search through your data, and gives you advanced auditing reports and data protection information. Business Standard is $12/user/month.

Business Plus

Business Plus comes with even more cloud storage than Standard, Google Vault, and features to manage and track online employee activity. Business Plus is $18/user/month.


Frontline is for businesses who have front-facing employees that do not work in the office. This product is best suited for a retail associate, restaurant employee, or construction worker. These employees need to receive emails, have a calendar, and view documents, but aren’t usually creating any material in documents or spreadsheets themselves. Frontline allows you to bring your front-facing employees with you as you transition to Google Workspace for Business at the office for a less expensive price than your office employees, who will need in-depth workspace tools. Frontline is $5/user/month.


Enterprise Essentials, Standard, and Plus

These packages are for businesses of any size and there is no minimum or maximum number of users needed to purchase the packages.

Enterprise Essentials

Enterprise Essentials combines some of the best Business Starter and Standard features. Essentials includes 1TB of cloud storage per user, access to Docs, Sheets, Chat, and Vault, and full Google Meet access (including breakout rooms, Q&As, and attendance tracking). However, it does not include Gmail or Calendar. Depending on your business, Essentials may be a good license to start with when transitioning your employees to Google Workspace or if you already use a separate system for email and calendar and do not want to change them. Enterprise Essentials is $10/month/user.

Enterprise Standard

Enterprise Standard is great for a full basic transition to Google Workspace. Standard includes Essentials features plus Gmail, Calendar, unlimited cloud storage, and advanced management tools and security including DLP. Enterprise Standard is $20/user/month.

Enterprise Plus

Enterprise Plus is the highest level of Google Workspace for Business you can get for your business. It includes even more security features than Standard, Work Insights, and collaboration tools including Cloud Search and AppSheet. Plus is great for businesses who are ready to fully transition to Google Workspace and take advantage of all the features right away. Enterprise Plus is $30/month/user.

If employees are already familiar with similar cloud applications (like Outlook and Teams from Microsoft365), Enterprise Standard or Plus may be the license package for your business.


Still unsure of what license package is right for your business?  Schedule a call with us to talk about your IT needs. At LogicWing, we've helped many businesses transition to using Google Workspace or use their existing Workspace accounts to their full potential. We also do migrations, consulting, and offer Google Workspace management.


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