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6 Tips for Using Google Workspace With Your Team

Hand holding a phone with several Google Workspace Apps on it

Here are a 6 tips to remember if you use Google Workspace for Business or Education with your faculty or staff:

1. When conducting team meetings, assign a "notetaker" to take notes on a Google Doc.

All members can take notes in a collaborative Google Document, so encourage your team to add comments, questions, and clarifications. If you use this for note taking during a workshop session, during intermittent breaks ask the presenter to clear up any questions or concerns. Finally, at the end of the meeting or workshop, notes can be shared in a "Weekly Meeting'' folder with your team. You can even attach the meeting notes to the meeting itself if it's on your Google Calendar.

2. Use Google Forms to record any concerns/questions.

Send out a Google Form in advance so a presenter is prepared with answers and afterwards, to capture lingering questions or concerns.

3. Set short term goals for team members and be clear what needs to get accomplished by the next team meeting using Google Docs or Tasks.

4. Set up folders in Google Drive with important documents.

Teach team members to use STARS to keep track of projects. Google Drive folders can help team members keep track of tasks and keep productivity high. You can use a Google Sheet that tracks tasks (editing rights depends on the project) or use a List page in a Google Site.

5. Remember that all files, especially large ones, can be shared through Google Drive.

This makes it easy for you to share files, especially those rejected by your email system.

6. Use Google Groups or Contact Groups.

These can be set up to make it easier to share documents across team members and get information out quickly. Google Groups will also allow you to keep track of a conversation outside of your email.


At LogicWing, we provide trainings to help your staff get the most use out of Google Workspace from the basics to tips and tricks. Schedule a free consultation with us to see how we can help you.


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