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Podcasts and Vodcasts - Oh my!

Today I'm just looking for space to post some of the works students are creating while they are learning about natural disasters. Boy, who would've thought this would have been difficult?! It appears that although I consider myself above average when it comes to using web 2.0 tools, posting podcasts online is quite a challenge. Let's start here:

If I post a podcast on Wikispaces, first I must insert a file. Then I need to stretch it out to what seems to be an EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA large in order for it to appear in about a 200 X 200 window.

If I try and post a podcast in Google Sites, it becomes more of a challenge because I don't have a widget that will let me insert it into the window.

If I just attach the podcast to a Google Site page or wiki, it doesn't show the title screen, only the name of the file. This somewhat dilutes the power of being able to share the visual with the world. It also means that those without iTunes or Quicktime won't be able to download the file and view it.


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