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Google Workspace
Deledao (Web Filter)
Chrome Enterprise
Minecraft for Chrome
KnowBe4 (Cybersecurity)
General Audit Tool (GAT)

Google Workspace for Education


Free essential collaboration tools, including Classroom, Meet, Docs, and Forms


Education Standard

Fundamentals features plus advanced security to prevent and detect threats


Teaching & Learning

Fundamentals features plus Google Meet breakout rooms and plagiarism detection 

$4/Staff License/Month

Education Plus

Standard and Teaching & Learning features plus increased Google Meet live stream capacity and faster technical support


Contact us to schedule a demo to review the features

For license package details, please click here

Google Workspace for Business

Business Starter

Features include a custom business email, Google Meet, and 30GB of cloud storage per user


Business Standard

Starter features plus the ability to record Google Meet meetings and 2TB of cloud storage per user


Business Plus

Standard features plus 5TB of cloud storage per user and enhanced security and management controls


Enterprise packages no longer have a minimum number of required users 

Enterprise Essentials

Features include Google Meet with breakout rooms and attendance tracking, 1TB of cloud storage per user, and Vault.


Enterprise Standard

Essentials features plus Gmail, Calendar, unlimited cloud storage, and advanced management tools and security including DLP.


Enterprise Plus

Standard features plus compliance certifications, Work Insights, and collaboration tools including Cloud Search and AppSheet.


Contact us to schedule a demo to review the features

For license package details, please visit Google Workspace for Business here

Chromebook Enterprise

Chromebook Enterprise gives IT admins the ability to roll out necessary tools and manage security on a large scale, while ensuring users always have fast, reliable ways to work in the cloud.

Contact us for license package details and learn more about how Chromebook Enterprise works by clicking below.

Chromebook Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade provides IT admins with advanced security controls, 24/7 support, and simplified access to device policies.

Contact us for license package details and learn more about how Chrome Enterprise Upgrade works by clicking below.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Google Workspace for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations receive licenses directly from Google here. Contact us to purchase training for the tools or migration services.

Click here to learn about and purchase our training services.

Minecraft: Education Edition for Chromebook

Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning tool for all ages that teachers can use to engage their students. There are hundreds of lesson plans to choose from, with a wide variety of subjects. Students play and learn in a safe environment and can collaborate on an activity together with multiplayer.

$5/User/Year (for less than 100 users)

Minecraft: Education Edition for Chromebook needs to be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Contact us for license package details and pricing for more than 100 users

Deledao (Web Filter)

Deledao is an AI web filter that can block non-educational or inappropriate websites and YouTube videos, monitor students' screens in real-time, and detect cyberbullying and self-harm messages. There is also a Parent Portal for parents to see their child's online activities.

Starting at $6/Student/Year with additional modules available

Contact us for a demo and license package details and learn more about how Deledao works here.

Watch the webinar we hosted with Deledao

Fill out this form to see a demo of the product and hear from a school administrator that has successfully deployed and used Deledao in their district.

KnowBe4 (Cybersecurity Software)


For organizations that do not have security awareness training in place and want to start an annual training program.

Includes training, video modules and assessments


Silver training plus:

Targeted training based on your users’ roles and your organization’s industry.

Includes frequent, bite-sized, self-paced training.


Silver and Gold training plus:

Frequent, targeted training with animated and live action videos. 


Silver, Gold, and Platinum training plus:

Video series with a wide array of topics, lengths, and formats, to meet the unique needs of your users and keep content fresh and engaging.

Evaluate your staff's susceptibility to phishing and ransomware attacks with Security Awareness Training.

Contact us for license package details, training, and pricing

General Audit Tool: Education


Features include domain-wide Search, domain-wide Drive and Email audits, and Dangerous Activity alerts



Lite features plus password management, download and URL blocking, and browsing activity analysis



Manage features plus ActiveID, real-time monitoring of students, and teacher monitoring of students Drive


GAT only works with Google Workspace users 

Contact us for license package details.

General Audit Tool: Business


Features include domain-wide Search, domain-wide Drive and Email audits, and device management



Essential features plus onboarding and offboarding, email delegation, and silent access to Drive and Email



Admin features plus ActiveID, geo location of Chromebooks, and the ability to analyze users' browsing activity


GAT only works with Google Workspace users 

Contact us for license package details.