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Podcasts and Vodcasts - Oh my!

Updated: Mar 23

Below is an activity idea I've used with students when they are learning about natural disasters that incorporates technology in the classroom.

Step 1: Have students collect research on natural disasters in the US.

Step 2: Students will use that information to fill out Storyboards and write scripts with facts and interesting information about their natural disaster.

Step 3: Students use their scripts to record 2 minute podcasts.

Step 4: In a short recording, students set their voiceover script over copyright free images that they find at home, school, or the internet.

The students I did this activity with helped each other as they worked in groups and were very proud once they were able to view their podcasts on a machine that had Quicktime and/or iTunes.

I encourage you to try this activity with your students, especially since it can be adapted to many topics, not just natural disasters.

Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing

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