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Halloween Activities for the Classroom

Updated: Mar 23

Hi everyone!

I wanted to take a minute and share some fun Halloween activities in case you are celebrating this week with your students. Encourage letter writing, speaking, creating sentences and even poetry with the following activities:

  1. Drag and Drop Poetry from Eric Curts - have students creating fun statements about how to stay safe and protect their privacy!

  2. Build a digital Jack-o-Lantern and have students add audio to creatively warn others about appropriate use! (Use this for Thanksgiving too.)

  3. Write a story about Halloween with emojis! Template here

  4. How to locate and make a Halloween Buncee activity for students (log into Buncee)

  5. History of Halloween in Nearpod EL library (log into Nearpod) (Building background knowledge activity)

  6. History of Halloween - Flocabulary lesson (log into Flocabulary)

At home we were even able to create this spooky creature from garbage bags, crumpled paper, some pipe wrappers ($5 at Lowes) and ping pong balls ($3 at Walmart).

Hope you and your kiddos have a wonderful rest of the week and Happy Halloween!

Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing

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