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6 Halloween Classroom Activities for K-8 and ELL Students

Young children in Halloween costumes smiling and holding out bags for candy

Happy Halloween! Here are 6 fun Halloween classroom activities to celebrate the holiday with your students that are great for K-8 and English Language Learners (ELLs). Encourage letter writing, speaking, creating sentences and even poetry with the following activities:

1. Drag and Drop Poetry from Eric Curts

Have students creating fun statements about how to stay safe and protect their privacy!

Have students add audio to creatively warn others about appropriate use! (Use this for Thanksgiving too.)

In this video created by LogicWing's Blanca Duarte, you will learn how to find Halloween Buncee activities and copy them to use with your students. You will need to log into Buncee.

This is a building background knowledge activity. You will need to log into Nearpod.

You will need to log into Flocabulary.


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