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G Suite Resources for Parents and Students

Updated: Mar 23

If you've been using G Suite products in your classroom this year, I wanted to highlight some very specific resources that I think your teachers, staff, students, and families will love.

The first is an Google Junior Training Series, a collection of 70+ one - one and a half minute videos to help students take care of their Chromebook, collaborate and email peers, manage multiple profiles and more!

The second is a Family Toolkit. This Family Toolkit one-pager can be shared with your parents during school information nights to keep them informed about your students' hybrid learning environment.

The third is a series of one-page resources that Google has created which may be helpful for you. Here are the ones for Accessibility, Assignments (for those of you using an LMS like Schoology or Canvas), and Google Meet updates and additional information about G Suite Enterprise for Education.

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Blanca E. Duarte, Chief Enablement Officer, LogicWing


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