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Change Management

We've been involved in a lot of conversations around change management. More specifically, the question of late is how do you create change? This "change" is typically followed by conversation about what "needs" to change. Do we need to change leadership? Attitude? Do we change our ideas; the way that we do things? I suppose the real question is how can we instill a culture of adaptability and flexibility in our environments. After all, what is change except the ability to be flexible, adaptable and instill a culture of learning...of growth...?

We have all endured change in our lives. Some of those changes are entirely out of our control. To age is to change. Time is about change too. There are always things that we cannot control in life. That's fine. We grow, we adapt, and hopefully through experience, we learn too. Once upon a time, this woman was a child. A child changed into a teen. A teen changed into a young woman. A young woman who changed see where I am going....

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