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How to Create and Use Google Contacts


What are Google Contacts & Labels

If you’ve never really used Google Contacts, you might think that every time you email someone new from your email account, all those people are being collected into your Google Contacts and that’s why you can start typing someone’s email address in a new message and Google will suggest emails that you’ve contacted before. However, those people are likely not in your Google Contacts. 

You have to deliberately add people to your Google Contacts list. 

The reason you would do this is to group the contacts. Grouping contacts under a label allows you to easily email a large group of people without having to individually type out each person’s email address into the “To:” line. 

You may already be familiar with emailing people like this, since organizations will usually send “All Staff” emails that go to everyone in the organization. Instead of an unlucky assistant having...

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