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5 Things to Consider Before Implementing a Collaborative Solution

Since it's coming up on the Fall, I thought I'd list a few things to consider if you are considering a collaborative solution for your school or organization.

  1. Purpose - Purpose should always drive decision making. The purpose of having a set of collaborative tools for your organization depends on what outcomes your organization is trying to achieve. If the purpose is that you want your organization to create and share documents, then you can bet being more efficient is the answer. Collaborative solutions are all about making the way we learn and work, better. Don't implement a solution because you want to be like the "Joneses". Those of us who've used Outlook, Notes, Google Apps or other collaborative tools know...these tools make our lives better, period. Take the time to find out what you are trying to achieve with them and evaluate from there.
  2. Flexibility - How portable and flexible does your learning or working environment have to be? Does your organization allow wireless...
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