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Be Insanely Curious

I recently did an interview with Edutainment Learning and talked to students about my career in EdTech. I actually wasn’t sure exactly what I would be sharing when the interview started but I did manage to get my journey down at a high level. Those of you who know me -- the me before education, the me before graduating college -- know that at different parts of my life I wanted to be… A LOT OF THINGS. At one point in my life I actually thought I was done with what I was going to be but of course, that was not the case (thank goodness). 

Those of us insanely curious folks understand that our learning journey never ends -- the end of an era (or a career) just signals the beginning of a new place to explore, a new person to meet or a new career opportunity.  

As students eagerly asked for general career advice, I shared that being curious can lead you to better opportunities and a more fulfilling life. As such, what one person defines as success in life may...

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